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The following works have been produced by the TRACE team:


  • Muraszkiewicz Julia, Hayley Watson, Kush Wadhwa and Paul De Hert, “Trafficking in Human Beings as an Enterprise: Highlighting Key Questions About Data Shortage on the Business Side”, Slavery Today, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2015. Available here

Abstract: Researchers and policymakers face a shortage of data on the business side of human trafficking. This inevitably leads to problems when trying to combat this crime. Questions such as: who is involved in trafficking, how do they operate, what is their relationship with organised crime groups (or other traffickers and third parties) remain unanswered. The purpose of this article is to harvest the knowledge on what we know about trafficking as a criminal enterprise and, in turn, encourage further research. The article also aims to show that the challenges encountered by researchers.

  • Constantinou Angelos, “Is crime displacement inevitable? Lessons from the enforcement of laws against prostitution-related human trafficking in Cyprus”, European Journal of Criminology, December 2015. Available here

Abstract: This article problematizes the common assertion that policies purported to counter prostitution and prostitution-related human trafficking effectively reduce such crime. The paradigm of Cyprus is employed for illustrating that legal action against prostitution (and sex trafficking), intended to reduce the opportunities for purchasing sex on the island, has given rise to the displacement of crime. To affirm this, police intelligence (n = 1103) gathered over the course of 11 years is analysed. If anything, the findings presented here complement the (small) corpus of quantitative studies that address the effectiveness of anti-trafficking policies.

  • Muraszkiewicz Julia, “Alternative ways to addressing human trafficking: technology and human trafficking”, in S. Carrera & E. Guild (eds.). Irregular Migration, Trafficking and Smuggling of Human Beings. Brussels: Centre for European Studies, 2016, pp. 74- 80. Available here
  • In January 2015 TRACE partner  VUB co-organised a panel on understanding the data protection and privacy issues surrounding human trafficking. Much of the researched done as part of TRACE WP4 helped with the discussion. The event is now available on youtube. 

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