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took cardiffs place. _ Soviet submarine.1 sank German steamer bolheim (3324grt) with gunfire off Rauma near Bjorneborg. At this time, his only other capital ship was battlecruiser hood, badly in need of attention after her scheduled refit in November had been cut short. Aircraft carrier, courageous with destroyer sturdy, after departing Portsmouth on 31 August, arrived at Portland at 1700. Encounter departed Portland on the 2nd to join sister ship eclipse at Plymouth, and exmouth and escapade, also of the 12th Flotilla departed Portland on the 3rd. U.14 went on to reconnoitre Scapa Flow until the 25th and.24 stayed in the Moray Firth area until the 27th. Mediterranean - destroyers grenade, griffin, garland, gipsy, of the 1st Destroyer Flotilla departed Malta to escort Convoy Green 1 en route to Alexandria. _ Admiral Forbes withdrew the armed merchant cruisers from Northern Patrol. Barstool Sports, the Telegraph Online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph.

Robin Mae, boysnetwork : Gay Amsterdam Gay News. She was joined on the 20th by destroyer keppel and on the 21st by French destroyer maillÉ BRÉZÉ, and arrived at Gibraltar on the 22nd. _ Anti-aircraft cruiser cairo departed the Thames and arrived at Loch Ewe on the 7th to provide protection for damaged battleship nelson. Liners orcades (23,456grt orford (20,043grt orion (23,371grt, Convoy Cdre Rear Adm Sarel, OBE Rtd) arrived at Alexandria at 2100/16th. Then on the 11th, electra, escort, nubian and maori relieved eskimo, ilex and icarus which went on to the Clyde, arriving on the 12th. She departed Rosyth, arriving on the 7th for repairs that continued until the 31st. Battleships scharnhorst and gneisenau at Brunsbüttel were attacked but escaped any damage. _ Convoy.45G of 24 ships departed Southend escorted by destroyers antelope, amazon and sloop enchantress. _ On the Northern Patrol, seven armed merchant cruisers were on patrol between the Faroes and Iceland, with light cruiser sheffield eastward of them as close cover and battlecruiser hood with destroyers kingston, kashmir and khartoum north of the Faroes as distant cover.

Next night, the 11th/12th, they laid field QQ in the Bight at 54-04N, 4-19E. _ Light cruiser glasgow arrived at Scapa Flow. _ Sloop leith departed Malta for Gibraltar, en route to England. She was detached on the 4th and arrived, unescorted, at Casablanca on the 5th, where she remained until her loss on the 13th. destroyers exmouth, echo and eclipse, which had departed the Clyde on 30 November, were dispatched to investigate a possible German supply ship detected by W/T procedure in 53N, 13W. Knute nelson took the survivors to Galway and the rest were taken to Greenock. She arrived at Malta on 18 January and Gibraltar on the 28th, and made Plymouth on 5 February for refitting, completed on the 21st.

They finally departed Belfast at 0600/6th escorting Force W to Rosyth, where they arrived on the 9th. Baltic - a small German fishing vessel was sunk on a mine off Trelleborg, S Sweden and the survivors rescued by another German trawler. _ Light cruiser danae was taken in hand for repairs at Hong Kong, completed on 14 February 1940. Polish destroyer wicher and minelayer gryf, along with other smaller Polish units, were anchored at Hela, when they were attacked and damaged by German destroyers leberecht maas and wolfgang zenker. _ Convoys.45G and.45G with a total of 44 ships merged as convoy.9. In Reserve in Hampton Roads. _ Dutch steamer immingham (398grt) struck a mine off Kallautsoog, off the Dutch coast and sank on the 11th; her crew of seven was rescued.

Relationships, online dating scammer check list! The low numbers was partly due to the fact that from the 9th to 17th, the armed merchant cruisers had been withdrawn from the Patrol. Glenstrae (9460grt lycaon (7350grt maron (6487grt rhesus (6530grt). Area 9 - Within three hundred miles of the American coast between Newport and Cape Hattaras, heavy cruisers quincey (CA 39 vincennes (CA 44) 7th Cruiser Squadron. Patrol sloop kingfisher also searched the area. _ Destroyer wanderer attacked a submarine contact between Land's End and Penzance. They arrived back at Portsmouth at 1100.

Nine crew were killed but emden was completely repaired on the 16th. _ Destroyer echo arrived in the Clyde. The convoy turned back and arrived on the 6th. Kattegat - German destroyer richard beitzen and torpedo boat.107 conducted an anti-shipping patrol in the Kattegat from the 12th to 14th, without result. UK-out.3 - had departed Liverpool escorted by destroyers mackay and winchelsea until this date, the 11th when they joined convoy.2 (see following). British east coast convoy.2 departed Methil for Southend and arrived on the 10th. Scottish west coast - patrol sloop kingfisher attacked a submarine contact off Ailsa Craig in the Clyde estuary. _ Convoy.48 departed Liverpool escorted by destroyers walker and whirlwind until the 9th. On the 5th, tannenberg laid Undine. Media Speed Dating Adultfrienedfinder Jenny frigidaire gallery glhth USE AND care manual Pdf Download.


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Minefield C (Martha Zwei was laid on the 15th by cobra, hansestadt danzig, kaiser, roland, and destroyers arnim, steinbrinck, eckholdt, riedel with Torpedo and S-boats screening the operation. Destroyers glowworm and greyhound of the 1st Destroyer Flotilla arrived at Malta on the 7th and departed on the 13th escorting.1 and French convoy.2 to Alexandria. Sitemap, category: Dating, two Months In, We"ve Got Questions for Gov. Dover Straits - minelayer adventure and auxiliary minelayers hampton and shepperton arrived at Dover for operations. Indian Ocean - destroyer stronghold had left Plymouth on 26 August for duty with the China slikke klitoris jeg vil knulle Force.


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