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se etter sex offenders i området modne dato sex

307 seter, når det fortsatt er igjen 15 uavklarte derlag: En katastrofe for det konservative. Sex offenders arguably are unique group, given revulsion their crimes typically engender -most hated, even by ppl in system Unusual features of sex offenders : Registration notification-register as sex offender, notify local police; tell ppl that they are sex offender, involuntary civil commitment. Eskorte I Tønsberg Par! Eskorte troms sandnes massasje / Teenorn ashram The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department offers a variety of services related to crime prevention, education as well as permits.

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True positive: test positive condition is present; predicted violent actually violent :D False positive: test positive no condition; predicted violent actually non-violent False negative: test negative condition present; predicted non-violent actually violent True negative: test negative no condition; predicted non-violent. One person attempts to control the behavior of another through aversive means Attack (Mom- go to bed) Counter-attach (Child- No, go away!) Acquiesce (Mom- turn off TV when you go) Positive outcome (Child- OK) cognitive-behavioral model of how bad behavior develops. AA likelihood higher than whites What are some public perceptions of capital punishment? Relatively strong Summing up individual items Summary risk ratings (low, mod, high) hold up really well to actuarial; HCR comparable to vrag in predicting violence, they're roughly the same can make this into actuarial; just add up numbers, works. What are the basic findings from learning theory? Decide not to let them go, but if you did you would have been fine Ppl generally more prone to side of not letting ppl go Letting ppl go could cause bad things to happen; death Can we predict Crime violence? Yes yes Considerable evidence they're prominent in though processes of delinquents criminals -reactive/proactive aggression. No Cognitive-behavioral strategies generally the best approaches to recidivism reduction Do all treatments work?

Of score ranges- ppl who scored in that range, their percentage of committed violence 21 or below no one reoffended As vrag score goes up, probability of reoffending goes up Higher score more likely to be at risk Introduced into legal cases a lot, esp. In some jurisdiction it's an issue to consider, in TX it's THE issue -first thing you decide; if no, then death is off the table Even where it's legally barred from being used as evidence, jurors focus heavily on potential. No simple answers, multitude of theories -Sociological -Biological -Psychological. Base rates Anything that's rare is difficult to predict "If you try to pick needles out of haystack, you'll also grab a lot of hay maybe no needles" If you're trying to predict something that is very unlikely. Deficits or dysregulations w/in person's physical make-up caused crime violent behavior -Genetic (criminal "families violent "genes psychopaths -Acquired (brain damage, tumors) -Flukes phrenology- shape of someone's skull can det. Generally comparable to actuarial models -When take this systematic approach but still rely on clinical judgment ability to predict criminal violence is comparable to vrag What is HCR-20? vrag- go to court, give est.

Reinforcement How well is the legal system able to meet out punishment under these parameters? Future dangerousness -biggest in area "Killer shrinks" -testifying why they should be put to death What is the relation of mental retardation in capital cases? What ppl think how they think about. Slot: slot, you don't expect to wing, you keep putting more money in to get what you want Intermittent reinforcement schedule- learned they won't get reinforced every time Kid doesn't always get their way, but every. Child molestors kinds of cognitions that psychopaths have vs child molestors are diff. Value, not statistical argument In science, we don't like false positive errors: found something that exist when in reality it doesn't Are more comfortable w/ false negatives (why p-value is so low; we're conservative) nothing intrinsically worse abt false neg. In Canada Decision of whether or not someone will be legally IDed as offender What is the overwhelming importance of cross-validation in prediction research? BUT NO info other than what goes into formula -can't deviate from formula Accuracy: Usually comparable to or much better than clinical judgment ex: PCL: give them score number, number becomes part of formula What is the violence risk appraisal guide (vrag)?

200 teens- 50 base rate of violence 1100 teens- 10 base rate of violence making very few errors when mislabeling kid as false positive school doesn't proportionally have as many violent kids There's. There has to be some possibility of release You can't just lock up dangerous ppl If that's all you're trying to do, that's criminal justice system Supreme court: yes, if all you're doing is warehousing ppl, that's not good Need. I ate high liver w/ some fava beans a nice Chanti What are some examples of criminal thinking scales? "Behavioral abnormality" causing some degree of impaired volitional control in conjunction w/ "dangerousness" is all it takes to justify indeterminate detainment treatment Hendricks: you don't have to have specific diagnosis for civil commitment Now, you just have to have some. Hard to change b/c reinforcement is on intermittent lvl putting money in coke machine. Child abuse, psych impairment "Mitigation experts" -ppl who work wholly in this field -consultant for defendant What are some aggravating factors in relation to mental health issues in capital cases? Can't wait around for hearing in all cases Only temp. Death, Grigson ussc: Ruling: MH exerts aren't always wrong, just most of time; accuracy goes to weight of evidence, not admissibility -allowed to bring this up in cross-examination rebuttal we aren't going to bar even though it's mostly wrong Like Grigson, ppl cont. Agent starling: You see a lot,.

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What is the data in the follow-up study? Court says "yes" Barefoot. Virginia (2002) Person did eval, said he wasn't retarded, jury didn't believe Person had little expertise What is the relation of competence to be executed in capital cases? Encode social cues- Interpret social cues- Formulate social goals- Generate problem solving strategies- Evaluate likely effectiveness of strategies select response- Enact response- Peer evaluation response Two diff. Those w/ multiple offenses, are clearly dangerous to society Can we civilly commit SVP? Derivation samples are never enough -"No man ever steps in same river twice" -Optimization: By def. Over 10 yrs post-conviction Findings: 70 had committed some type of disciplinary infraction 5 committed "serious" assault 0 murders Of 48 former death row inmates- 2 "serious" assaults What are predictors of prison violence?

What are the ways of understanding why people commit crimes? Johnny Frank Garrett: I'd like to thank my family for loving me taking care of me; And the rest of the world can kiss my ass" John Spenkelink: Capital punishment: them w/o the capital get the punishment Gary Gilmore: Let's do it Thomas. Sex offenders arguably are "unique" group, given revulsion their crimes typically engender -most hated, even by ppl in system Unusual features of sex offenders: Registration notification -register as sex offender, notify local police; tell ppl that they are sex offender Involuntary. Adherence to RNR model What is "evidence-based" practice? "Just deserts" motives Utilitarian motives What is the "just deserts" motives? They're likely to be in; don't have a lot of data, but logical to consider What was the case study in violence risk assessment. Courts say "death is diff." -legal issues surrounding death penalties are elaborate, involved, arcane; reason why it's an expensive complicated phenomenon Death penalty cases are very rare, but b/c of consequences of them, there are lot of reviews once. What did it result in? what are we punishing ppl for? Direct intensive services to higher risk offenders minimize services to lower risk offenders Why?

I want the press to know this Reflects how ppl think What is the Patterson's Coercive Family Process? Ppl What is the probabilistic form of risk communication? If it's abt future" field of risk assessment, we suck are predicting have made improvements in ability to try to pick out ppl who're more likely to commit crime in future, but still area we make mistakes Ethical. Genetics -brain damage Neurochemical imbalances Temperamental factors -hostility Chaotic env't -social, family structure What are early indicators that are risk factors of the integrated model? Will they do it again? No widely accepted way to do this where ppl would agree Why do we punish?

How does punishment work? In prison context, will recommit Trivial; Very low Will get lots of false positives- ppl who rate as highly psychopathic but won't do anything -let out of prison, scores become more relevant; more likely to recommit What is a "continuing. What is the converging evidence regarding importance of cognition in Antisocial behavior? What are the motivations to punishing people? Lived w/ biological parents to 16 Elementary school adjustment History of alcohol problems Marital status Non-violent offenses Failure on conditional release Age at index offense Victim injury Any female victim Personality dx SZ dx PCL-R What is the vrag Risk "Bins"? Convicted capital murder; Coon testified that he's certain this guy will reoffend SC said that this doesn't meet daubert criteria Said that they though Coble was very dangerous, so this is harmless error where judge abused his discretion. Subjective, impressionistic opinions formed based on assimilation of various ( usually idiosyncratic) sources of info Sources: clinical interview, files, psych testing, etc.

Risk: Direct intensive services to higher risk offenders minimize services to lower risk offenders Needs: Target "criminogenic needs" when intervening Responsivity: Intervene in a style mode responsive to offender's learning style ability What is the risk principle? 50 of sample was violent What if, even if scale "works a lot fewer teens are violent in real world? Subcultural : "Right" is determined by dominant culture; subgroups w/ different norms are "criminalized" -ex: crack cocaine is illegal; appletinis aren't -ppl who don't fit in are automatically committing crime -tobacco is okay, marijuana is used by immigrants, so need to protect children from. Child is inadvertently rewarded for misconduct mother is indirectly reward by removal of child's aversive behavior What can a coercive hostile family process lead to? "Life" sentences mean that someone will be out of prison in 5-10 yrs -Although some "life sentences" are short, "capital life" means life w/o parole The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior -He killed once, so he'll. "You need to execute him before he kills again" study where they followed up cases where this type of testimony are stated Why is the statement "the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior" wring? What are the two modes? Have specific types of "thinking errors" that seem to justify/rationalize their actions -Can be seen among their 'enablers' as well ex: not as bad b/c she's stepdaughter; wouldn't have done it but she's slutty, he couldn't help it training. Impulse you decide not to resist Hypocrisy: volitional prongs can't be used in terms of insanity, but okay to indeterminately commit someone? Groups abt which we can almost be certain their risk for violence is close to zero -should always be modest in confidence of what we convey, esp.

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What your prediction is? Huge issue- source of controversy screw my wife please gaysexvideo w/ mental health field "Show me some data" -doing better than control group Increasingly an issue of concern in corrections Assessment Rehab intervention What is the RNR model of offender rehabilitation? Given that none of the theories has great predictive power or applies to all crime, best to consider variables from. Globally, vrag replicated pretty well overall What did replication of vrag risk "bins" indicate? Treating violent offenders or potentially violent patients -need to ID ppl who'll commit later Preventing delinquency antisocial behavior What is the relationship of risk assessment/risk management to crime and violence?

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Meta-analytic studies Lipsey: 400 juvie treatment studies -10 recidivism; other studies suggested 30 reduction 40 meta-analysis since, indicating treatment reduces recidivism Are all rehabilitation methods the same? Estelle 1983 and its relationship to the typical "dangerousness" testimony? Subfield of criminology, not on individual lvl but on societal. No Rosetta Stone of risk assessment -No one variable predicts very well across al ppl, circumstances, types of crime/violence Absolute claims that someone will or will not be violent in future are untenable -Although there are def. Given we know there are scientifically meaningful risk factors abt what's relevant Actuarial- took info quantified it in some way (usually not how risk assessment work) Clinical approach- subjective Which approach is more defensible? Self-esteem "Emotional distress" Lack of ambition Victimization history Fear of official punishment Lack of physical activity What is the responsivity principle? Dichotomous -This person will/not re-offend Categorical -This person is at low/mod/high risk to re-offend least defensible thing you could go to court say, but court likes this Least acceptable Any time you start to make absolute statements, yes/no. Or maybe you're afraid Hannibal: A census taker once tried to test. have knowledge in this area, so make some risk statements based on subjective opinions that may not be scientific; how it's historically done Accuracy? Historical, Clinical, Management factors empirically demonstrated or rationally considered to be indicative of violence risk A "aide memoire" rather than formal/mechanical scoring system Statements concerning "low "moderate or "high" risk status considered most defensible factors shown to be empirically. Se Etter Sex Offenders I Området Modne Dato Sex

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"Well, let's bridle their discretion" Gregg. Deterrence: General- maybe won't deter person, but other ppl won't do this Individual- if I punish you, you'll be less likely to do it again in future Incapacitation -keep you locked up to keep away from ppl. What is the sociological theories? "Prediction is very difficult, esp. What are mitigating aggravating factors? Things se etter sex offenders i området modne dato sex lifelong sex offenders are going to think -sex w/ them are fine, aren't crying so okay Feel better justify their actions Socialize themselves to believe these things More generalized thinking scale- sometimes maladaptive thoughts are specific. Historical factors Clinical factors Management factors -separates this from vrag -if person is free, what are sit. States' response to Furman decision demarcate factors to be considered in penalty phase of capital trial Mitigation: Anything that argues against execution Aggravating: Typically narrow list of factors jurors can consider in support of execution (heinousness, prior crime, premeditation). Capital offenders actually are remarkably non-violent post-conviction Base rates of "serious" aggression typically are less than 10 over many years of confinement Murders in prison are almost non-existent, particularly among convicted murderers Even those capital offenders released from prison typically.