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TRACE is part of a global effort to fight human trafficking and sits amongst many worthwhile projects; those championed by our consortium and those managed by other groups and persons. TRACE liaises with and follows many of these projects, a description of which can be found below:



Constitutional European criminal law after Lisbon & Stockholm: In search of a foundation respectful of human rights

The project will identify new legal and governance solutions for the current legitimacy problem for European criminal law.

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ADSTRINGO: Addressing trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation through improved partnerships, enhanced diagnostics and intensified organisational approaches. The main objective of ADSTRINGO is to prevent trafficking for labour exploitation through enhanced national and regional partnerships of stakeholders that are in a position to address situations of trafficking and labour exploitation and through improved understanding of the mechanisms that facilitate such exploitation.

ADSTRINGO – Poland and Russia: The project has a strong focus on strengthening the regional cooperation to prevent trafficking for forced labour in Poland and the Russian Federation.

Strengthening the role of municipalities in the work against trafficking in human beings in the Baltic Sea Region: The main aim of the project is to strengthen capacity and role of the municipalities to work against trafficking in human beings in ten CBSS Member States: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, the Russian Federation, and Sweden.


Development of common guidelines & procedures on the identification of victims of trafficking: The project aimed to strengthen and harmonise the methods and procedures for the identification of victims of trafficking within the participating EU Member States through the development of common guidelines. Further information

Strengthening the fight against forced begging: A multidisciplinary approach – The project aims to develop a partnership between prosecutors, police officers and civil society in Romania and other EU state members for improving cooperation at operational level, between law enforcement authorities and increasing the awareness degree of the population regarding human trafficking for begging activities. Further information

Prevention, identification, protection: The project aims to improve the fight against human trafficking. Prevention, reintegration and repatriation shall be strengthened through the exchange of experience between Swiss and Romanian authorities.

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EMPACT-THB: The European Multidisciplinary Platform against Criminal Threats – Trafficking in Human beings aims to combat all forms of trafficking in human beings and human smuggling by targeting the organised crime groups conducting such criminal activities in particular at the southern, south-western and south-eastern criminal hubs in the EU.

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NGO-BUSINESS ENGAGEMENT IN ADDRESSING HUMAN TRAFFICKING: The overall goal of the project is to reduce employer and consumer demand for products and services that involve the use of trafficked labour, in order to reduce (vulnerability for) exploitation and human trafficking. Further information

DATA PROTECTION IN ANTI-TRAFFICKING ACTION (datACT): The datACT project seeks to strengthen data protection in anti-trafficking responses.  Further information

GLOBAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING HOTLINES NETWORK (FUNDED BY GOOGLE): The aim of the  project is to support the participation of La Strada in the Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network, which connects anti-trafficking hotlines around the world into a peer-to-peer based alliance that facilitates an effective global coordinated response network, fosters multi-lateral connections, and collects and utilizes data to support anti-trafficking strategies focused on eradication, prevention, and victim protection. Further information

DEMANDAT: The project investigates the notion of ‘demand’ for trafficking in human beings (THB) from a range of scientific perspectives and develops an integrated framework that comprehensively addresses and relates demand with alternative framings where appropriate. The findings provide empirical evidence to concrete policy questions on the EU agenda and lay-out the full range of promising policy options. Further information

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Safe Return for Victims of Trafficking and Victims of Domestic Violence without or with an Uncertain Residence Permit (May 2013 – July 2014).

Promotion of the Rights of Trafficked Persons in Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia with Emphasis on Legal Support (January 2013 – December 2015), with the financial support of the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Program (ISEC) of the European Commission (HOME/2011/ISEC/AG/4000002581). [Link]

NGOs&Co: NGO-business engagement in addressing human trafficking (April 2014 – March 2016), co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Program (ISEC) of the European Commission. [Link]

Creation of a National Referral Mechanism (NRM) in Bulgaria to provide protection and support measures for the (re)integration and social inclusion of trafficked persons (2008-2010), financed by the MATRA program of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. [Link

Program for Reintegration of Survivors of Trafficking in Bulgaria (2007- 2010).

Psychosocial Programs for Reintegration of Trafficked Persons in Bulgaria (August 2009-January 2011).

Assuring Sustainable Humanitarian Aid to Women Survivors of Trafficking (2011).




POLARIS PROJECT: a leading effort in the global fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

RACE: The Poject is a two-year initiative by Anti-Slavery International and its partners to improve knowledge and responses to human trafficking for the purposes of forced criminal exploitation and forced begging in Europe.


CCARHT: Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking.




Together against trafficking in human beings: The  European Commission site for matters relating to human trafficking. Further information

COMBAT is an EU DAPHNE-funded project. COMBAT stands for Combining Against Trafficking.  Partners in Bulgaria, Lithuania and the UK are combining expertise in the fight against human trafficking, specifically the trafficking of children and young women. Further information

EPOOLICE is an EU FP7 funded project. It aims – in close collaboration with law enforcement partners, as well as criminological legal experts – develop a prototype of an environmental scanning system implementing solutions applying the most promising technological advances and breakthroughs as provided by RTD partners. The solutions will be tested and evaluated through running realistic use case scenarios that are developed. Further information

Improving criminal investigation, collaboration and network-building against trafficking in human beings in South-Eastern Europe: The project improved the cooperation among local specialised enforcement authorities in the border regions of Romania, Serbia, Romania and Hungary and trained Romanian prosecutors. Further information

Towards a pan-European monitoring system of trafficking in human beings (PAN-EU MOSY): The overall objective is to share with other countries a THB Monitoring System (Pan-EU MoSy) in the framework of best practices regarding the harmonisation of procedures for the collection, treatment, analysis and sharing of information. Further information

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