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The TRACE project team is a multi-disciplinary team made from across Europe.

Trilateral Research Ltd. (TRI) are the project coordinators of the TRACE project. TRI  is a London-based Limited Liability Partnership, founded in October 2004. It specialises in research and the provision of strategic, policy and regulatory advice on new technologies risk and security issues. Trilateral coordinates the TRACE project and leads work package four on the role of technology in human trafficking.

Persons involved in the project:
Kush Wadhwa 
Hayley Watson
Anna Donovan
Pascale Waschnig

The research Fundamental Rights and Constitutionalism at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) coordinates and centralizes the many human-rights linked research projects in the law faculty. Both theory of human rights, national human rights law (constitutional law, criminal law, civil law, and so forth) and international human rights law are brought together with the objective of engendering and stimulating integrated human rights research projects. VUB will lead WP 1 (Human trafficking as a criminal enterprise) and WP 7 (dissemination).

Persons involved in the project:
Paul De Hert
Julia Muraszkiewicz

Tilburg logoTilburg University (TiU) is the Netherlands’ foremost academic institution specialising in social science, with over 12,000 students enrolled in 75 bachelor and master programmes. In 2009, TiU was ranked in the top 10 of European social science universities. The objective of Tilburg University is to offer top quality education and research in the field of social science and humanities. Tilburg Law School was established in 1963 and approximately 2,700 students are currently enrolled. The law school employs some 300 staff, of which approximately 40 professors, 25 senior lecturers, 150 lecturers and other academic staff. TLS is consistently ranked the top Dutch law school in the area of research. TiU will lead WP 3, and will contribute to additional work packages as well as workshops where their expertise are required.

Persons involved in the project:
Conny Rijken
Toine Spapens

cbssththbThe Council of the Baltic Sea StatesTask Force against Trafficking in Human Beings (CBSS TF-THB) is an overall political forum for regional intergovernmental cooperation. The Members of the CBSS are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and a representative from the European Commission. The Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings (TF-THB) was established in 2006 and mandated to fight against all forms of trafficking in human beings. The TF-THB strengthens assistance to victims, promotes cooperation, abolishes gaps in existing approaches, and improves legislation. The TF-THB is composed of experts from relevant Government ministries in all the CBSS capitals.  CBSS TF-THB will lead WP 6 (Policy analysis and recommendations), and will contribute to additional work packages as well as workshops where their expertise is required.

Persons involved in the project:
Vineta Polatside
Anniina Jokinen  

Logo ANITPThe National Agency against Trafficking in Persons (ANITP), is part of the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs, a specialist structure responsible for co-coordinating, researching, evaluating and monitoring at national level the implementation of anti-trafficking and victims’ protection and assistance policies by public institutions. The Agency cooperates with judicial authorities for the implementation Victim Coordination Program during criminal proceedings in order to facilitate access to justice for THB victims. Under the Agency direct subordination, there are 15 regional centres responsible for monitoring and coordinating the anti-trafficking activities performed in their areas of responsibility. ANITP will contribute to tasks, predominantly in WP 3 (the traffickers) as well as other tasks in other work packages.

Persons involved in the project:
Adrian George Petrescu
Adelina Tamas
Cristina Boeru

CY police (1)Cyprus Police (CY POL-THB) was created according to Art. 130 of the Republic of Cyprus Constitution of 1960. The Police undertook a wide range of duties and responsibilities within the Republic of Cyprus territory.  The Chief of Police has a strategic mission designed to encourage and improve police relations with the citizens, with the view of reducing crime and safeguarding human rights. Cyprus Police has been the south-eastern Mediterranean safe keeper of the European Union for blocking criminals and illegal immigrants to enter and travel in the EU soil. By combating criminality locally and battle cross-border crime and terrorism, Cyprus Police blocks any kind of illegal behaviour from travelling across the EU. The office of Combating Trafficking in Human Beings is the coordinating body for all the Police departments dealing with trafficking in human beings. The main tasks of the office is to organise and participate in operations, to interview and identify victims, to maintain databases, to train police officers and to represent the Chief of the Police in several forums, in Cyprus and abroad. The office of THB has being operating in Cyprus Police since 2004. CY POL-THB will lead WP 2 (The act of human trafficking) and will contribute to additional work packages as well as workshops where their expertise is required.

Persons involved in the project:
Rita Theodorou Superman
Angelos Constantinou 
Maria Georgiou

LSI official logo - extThe International La Strada Association (LSI) is a leading European NGO network that works to ensure a world without trafficking in human beings by promoting respect for human rights. The network comprises eight independent member organisations that operate from a grass-roots level. The members are based in Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Macedonia (FYROM), Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine and implement activities for advocacy, prevention and social support for trafficked persons and at-risk groups in order to empower them to exercise their rights. An International Secretariat supports the members by coordinating the implementation of common strategies, engaging in advocacy activities and networking and organising capacity building to provide better services to the target groups. LSI secretariat monitors and harmonises common La Strada activities, is responsible for data collection, registration and information provision and for advocacy work on the international level to promote the integration of the human rights based approach to trafficking into legislation, policies and measures. LSI will contribute to tasks in throughout a series of work packages where their expertise is required, as well as workshops where their expertise is required.

Persons involved in the project:
Suzanne Hoff

Animus logoAnimus Association is a civil society organisation in Bulgaria. The Mission of Animus is to promote healthy communication between people and gender in Bulgarian society. It is achieved by working to implement the following objectives: developing affordable psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic services and programs offering professional and competent help, creating public attitudes of tolerance diversity, respect for the suffering and rejection of violence, promote the values of dynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to promote democratic change in the Bulgarian family and society, developing and implementing projects and programs to support people who need help. The main directions of work are to promote understanding in society, to encourage a respect for women to act as an intermediary between the government and NGOs, coordinating activities on violence against women and children.

 Persons involved in the project:
Mirela Saykovska
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